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30 January 2014

White flowers


Three days after I took photographs of the cherry blossoms in our neighbourhood, I then brought my attention to a bunch of flowers closer to home - our backyard. Technically, the flowering shrub (name still unknown to me) is not part of our house nor our neighbour's (I think). Why? It grew in between both our fences!


From afar the shrub with its white flowers just looks ordinary. But, move closer and look at it from below against a backdrop of blue sky and white clouds and you will be blown away! At least I was.

23 January 2014

Cherry blossoms


Springtime is great for flower photography. Apple and cherry blossoms are a common sight near where I live. It is really lovely to see them in bloom during this season.

One day in April last year, I had the chance to take pictures of cherry blossoms. The tree source I chose (see below) is right beside the street road where I normally park my car. It is only quick walk from our house.

21 January 2014

Picture of the Day #5

Rail station
Pinoyborian Flickr

While waiting for my train to London, I was struck with the play of lines and the grey morning sky in the platform I was standing on. I thought this would make a good picture. The photo looks a bit 'sterile' without people in it. But, I chose this image over the other two photos with a walking man because this composition looks stronger to me. Converting it to black and white completes the image as it is less distracting and lets you focus on the composition (play of lines with the grey sky) instead.

19 January 2014

London day trip


Early December 2013, I went down to London to process some documents at the Philippine embassy. I brought along my camera (Olympus E-PL2 + mZuiko 17mm f2.8) as I plan to do a photowalk if I finished early.

By mid-afternoon I was finished with my purpose at the embassy. I knew the office was located near Trafalgar Square so I went looking for it. It was just a couple of minutes walk away.

5 January 2014

Sweet hello

Photo: Pinoyborian's Flickr

My last images in 2013 were macro/close-ups of roses and a couple of sweets. I've already made several close-ups of roses last year but I was particularly excited with the sweets. I have wanted to take macro images of sweets after reading a magazine tutorial.