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26 November 2014

Blurring crowds

Shutter speed: 8 sec (Flickr)

Intentional blurring is a creative photographic technique that I like to do. I have tried zoom blur/burst and panning with some success, at least to me anyway. Next I want to do is motion blur, particularly on crowds.

The reason I want to try blurring crowds is that it can be a good technique to use in travel photography. Especially, in crowded tourist attractions.

A couple of weeks back I had the chance to try out motion blur. I shot dancing scenes at a party I attended using my Olympus OMD E-M10 mounted with the mZuiko 12-50mm kit lens. Using various slow shutter speeds in Shutter Priority mode, a tripod is a must.

The top photo is my favourite as I thought it captured the dancing crowd very well.

Have you tried the motion blur technique yet? Please share your experiences.

Shutter speed: 30 sec (Flickr)

Shutter speed: 15 sec (Flickr)

Shutter speed: 4 sec (Flickr)

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